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5. Omega - Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough. 5. Omega. If you picked up Kasumi on the citadel, get Kelly Chambers' opinion on her before heading up to your quarters to look at the new changes to your room. Make ...


Mass Effect 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by nyiaor2 - GameFAQs Feb 21, 2010 ... For Mass Effect 2 on the PC, FAQ/Walkthrough by nyiaor2. ... You can talk to Jacob after the fight is over. There's a Datapad on the ..... To the left of the stairs there's a Gambling Terminal that can be hacked for 3,000 credits [H]. Go up the ...... Varren, Blood Pack mercs, and Chief Wyerloc Guld (barrier/armor).

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Nightsolo's Mass Effect Walkthrough - 22 Mar 2018 ... Nightsolo's Mass Effect Walkthrough .... This is Avina Tourism Terminal I. Talk to her to learn all about the Citadel, ... Talking with Anderson also gets you Codex Entry 2. ... Fight your way out of the bar towards the Citadel Rapid Transit .... next to that is a Suspicious Gambling Machine you should Examine to ... Mass Effect 5e | Printable Player's Manual This page is generated from components in the web version of the site. Except for the table of contents, links and buttons within this document will link out to the ... Mass Effect AU - Living an Indoctrinated Dream | SpaceBattles Forums 19 Jan 2016 ... For all of you who hated the ending of Mass Effect 3, and the mismanagement ... The Reapers had started the battle with about 1:2 odds against them. ..... The mercenaries couldn't fight any sort of space battle, but they had taken control of ...... process of sending the specs on the Talon to the pilot's terminal. Mass Effect 3 Casino Credits - Gambling From A Christian Perspective