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How to Double down and split hands while playing … He shows you how to double down which means that you match your previous bet when you're in a good position to beat the dealer.Then these two aces are split and you can play them like 2 different hands. Overall this video shows you the basics of playing blackjack and some of the techniques and... Blackjack Double Down |

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Play Blackjack at Mystic Lake On designated tables, players may double down on any first two cards except ... After the dealer confirms a non-blackjack hand, you may surrender prior to ...

Jan 27, 2011 · Playing Better Blackjack - top 10 misplayed hands. Because playing two hands with a starting count of 8 is much better than a single hand of 16. You are giving yourself two decent starting hands while breaking up a horrible 16. However, both of the split 8 hands …

Doubling in blackjack is a highly profitable option for players. We explain what it means to double down, & the hands on which such a move shouldBeing dealt an Ace and a Six or Seven is the ideal hand to double down on. Many people may opt to stand with a soft total of 17 or 18 which is fine, but...